Emergency kits

Pour tous les petits accidents de voyage, munissez-vous des produits indispensables pour préparer votre trousse de secours : Arnica, pansements, bandages... Et partez serein !
Z TRAUMA  First aid gel organic cosmetics 60ml ...
£9.21 £0.14/ml
Haemostatic product made from calcium alginate fibres that induce platelet aggregation, ...
Bloxang is designed for local haemostatic treatment, to stop light to ...
cold spray with cracking effect relieves bumps and bruises ...
This kit is very practical: small in size to ...



Offer valid from 02/06 while stocks last.
Healing cream Lesions, acute and chronic wounds, superficial burns  Medical ...
flexible dressing strips adapt to movements reduces the risks ...
Arnicangel  : to apply further to a fall or a shock.
Osmo Soft is a hydrogel intended for the treatment of ...
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