A-Derma takes care of sensitive skin thanks to the benefits of dermatological oatmeal.

The adventure A-Derma began in the 70's in the south-west of France. 

Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist passionate about botany was interested in oat, fallen into disuse at the time. In 1982, the dermatological A-Derma soap bar was created: A for oat and D for dermatological.

Dermo-cosmetics based on plants were born .


The A-Derma laboratories have been taking care of fragile skin thanks to a unique active ingredient, the Rhealba  white oat, one of the most concentrated in soothing molecules. 

Discover a wide range of products for the adults and children. 

For sensitive and atopic skins, A-Derma offers soothing cleansing oils, dermatological bars and creams. For example, Exomega Control cleansing Oil is ideal to clean and soothe atopic skin. Its formula helps rebuild the skin barrier and alleviates feelings of irritation. It brings to the skin an intense hydration. It can be used by the whole family: infants, children and adults .

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Pioneer in botanical beauty


a-derma plant cosmeticThe A-Derma laboratories have been taking care of sensitive and fragile skins thanks to Rhealba Oat, a plant rich in fibers for more than 30 years. This disused plant drew the attention of Pierre Fabre in the 70's.The dermatological A-Derma laboratories guided their researches towards the rhealba soothing virtues that had been known for million years and made it the flagship ingredient of all products of the brand. In 1982, the first dermatological Rhealba oat bar was marketed. The brand developed a varied range of products  with notably Dermalibour and Epitheliale. A-Derma decided to create a range dedicated mainly to atopic skin. The Exomega range was launched in 1994  to offer cleansing solutions to atopic skin, also calming the feelings of irritation and itching .

As an innovative brand, it created sterile dermo-cosmetics and Exomega DEFi, a process allowing to eliminate all the preservatives within the products and thus to avoid any contamination for a better respect of fragile skin.



A-Derma commitments


The Rhealba oat is exclusively grown by the A-Derma dermatological laboratories in a sustainable development approach and respect for nature  and according to the standards of organic farming. 

Rhealba Oat is a soothing, rebalancing and restorative plant. It is particularly effective in the treatment of fragile and atopic skins. It can be used by the whole family. This plant grows exclusively in the south-west of France. All the manufacturing steps of A-Derma products are thus carried out in the same region. The A-Derma products meet the Pierre Fabre Botanical Expertise. It is meant to fight against the depletion of plant resources and contributes to the preservation of the environment while producing safe and qualitative cares .


A-Derma has been supporting for several years  the foundation for Atopic Dermatitis . A-Derma is one of the founding members.

The laboratories support the actions of the foundation and improve the care of people affected by the disease.


A unique formula


The entire A-Derma range is based on eco-friendly formulasAll the A-Derma products are based on Rhealba oat from organic farming. Their ingredients are of natural origin. The raw materials are hypoallergenic and non comedogenic. Besides, they are fragrance and soap free. Enriching all its new formulas in ingredients of natural origin is the A-Derma charter. The brand guarantees its customers 100% biodegradable rinse off products.


A-derma fragile skin


Discover all the A-DERMA products

All the A-DERMA products
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