Payment in pounds sterling:

You may pay for your orders in pounds sterling by:


Bank card such as Visa, Eurocard & Mastercard, Credit card. (Payment must be made by the buyer when placing the order. At no point shall any amount paid be considered as a deposit or down payment.). For the security of your payments, we use the “Sherlocks” credit card payment solution developed by our bank, Credit Lyonnais. With this system, your payment is made directly to the Crédit Lyonnais secure server on our behalf. At no time will your credit card number be disclosed to us. Communication is encrypted and secured by the SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) Internet protocol that has become a worldwide standard and is supported by major web browsers.


By PayPal, one of the most reliable payment systems. PayPal carries out your transactions without giving out your credit card data. Using PayPal as a payment method to make a purchase in France or abroad entitles you to a refund by PayPal of the full amount of the transaction, including shipping if you do not receive your item. For more information visit its website


By Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is a digital payment service that allows you to make online purchases using your existing Amazon account. With Amazon Pay, there is no need to create a new account, and online payments are secured, quick and easy without having to enter your bank details.


By BankTransfert , your order is only validated once we have received the transfer (around 72 hours after the order is placed). The information needed to make the transfer will be sent to you in an email during the payment process. This payment method is only available for people whose billing address is located in Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands.

Bank Code: 10096
Branch Code: 18583
Account number: 00095607005
Key: 31

Banking domiciliation: CIC COTE D'AZUR ENTREPRISES

or IBAN FR76 1009 6185 8300 0956 0700 531


All transfer charges shall be borne by the customer and cannot be charged to Easyparapharmacie. If, notwithstanding this, order costs are charged to Easyparapharmacie, the order cannot be validated as long as the amounts charged have not been reimbursed to Easyparapharmacie by the customer.

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