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Founded in 2007, our company is a leader in the health, beauty and well-being products sold online. With over 870 brands listed, our catalog is offering your a complete selection of cosmetics, food supplements, hairdressing, baby, veterinarian, organic, natural products etc.

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- What is your company's name?

- What are your CSR commitments?

- What are the strong points, the labels, the values of your brand?

- Who is a contact person in charge of developing a marketing and business plan?

- What are your distribution networks?

- What is the positioning of your brand and your products on the market ?

- Could you send us your pricelist, client sale price and commercial conditions?

- Could you provide us with your catalog and detailed product sheets, including compositions?

- Do you have a distribution contract to sign with us?

- What are your general sale conditions?

Please also send us a package of your flagship products or samples for testing to the following address:


- Commission achats -

47 bd René Cassin

06200 Nice

Upon receipt of this information and samples, your brand will be studied by our purchasing committee and you will be contacted by our services.

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