Since 1989, the NUTERGIA laboratory, expert in micronutrition has been innovating in order to allow you to take care of your health thanks to a healthy and balanced diet. 

The brand offers a wide range of more than 75 dietary supplements meeting your well-being and balance needs. 

NUTERGIA is also a brand that promotes respect for the environment . It directs all of its activities in an eco-responsible and eco-citizen approach that results in the use of 100% recyclable bottles.

All the products of the NUTERGIA brand


The corporate values of Nutergia

Nutergia dietary supplements respond to 5 criteria that are essential to the image of the brand. 

Innovation is at the heart of the company's concerns and allows the Nutergia scientific team to meet the new customer needs over time. The challenge is to innovate and find new formulas while respecting the naturalness of the products . This is why Nutergia uses gentle extraction methods such as cold pressing to let the ingredients used to retain all their benefits. The brand gives paramount importance to the expertise of formulations and the selection of ingredients using raw materialsmainly based in France and the European Union, while respecting the environment and nature . 

This process guarantees quality products most of which are certified organic by quality labels .


A manufacture reflecting the quality of the products

For 30 years, Nutergia has been constantly finding the best techniques and means of manufacturing and producing products in order to ensure premium quality for its customers while respecting the environment. In this purpose, the brand pays particular attention to the selection of its ingredients to ensure products close to nature with a good nutritional quality . 

You will find in the Nutergia dietary supplements raw materials from plants of the organic  and wild culture respecting a procedure of extraction at low temperature and also vitamins and trace elements of natural origin. In terms of packaging, the capsules and tablets are formed from fish gelatin . Upon receipt of raw materials, all ingredients are carefully checked, studied and selected. They are also subject to " nutri-vigilance " processes , which impose a lot number on each raw material

which is found on all product packaging . A gesture that guarantees consumers an excellent traceability .microbiota nutergia


The repair of deficient cells thanks to dietary supplements

NUTERGIA originated the " active cellular nutrition " concept in 1989.

Our cells are the " molecules of life " and it is important to bring them all the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy. A better cell nutrition can help fight the problems of deficiency related to a stressful lifestyle. 

NUTERGIA products are phased in two stages. The first step is a detox step It serves to purify and stimulate the cells but also to neutralise the toxins and heavy metals to restore the intestinal balance . The second step is a restructuring step . The deficiencies are filled and the cells nourished by reviving the metabolism and optimising cellular exchanges . It is an impoirtant step because it strengthens the immune system . These different phases help correct food imbalances and improve the functioning of your body .


Nutergia and the SPORT Protect label

Nutergia has developed a range dedicated to sport. All the products are SPORT Protect labelled . This label guarantees 100% anti-doping products and obliges the laboratories to reinforce the controls. Anti- doping tests are performed regularly according to a specific protocol and each batch is tracked over time in order to stay in compliance. 


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