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Frontline solution combo
Pack of 6, 2.68ml pipettes.  
Eliminates lice, ticks and fleas. 
Prevents lice, tick and flea infestation. 
Protects your home from being infested by flea eggs and larvae. 
For dogs 20-40kg 

Frontline kills fleas and ticks by contact with the parasite once the treatment has been applied onto the skin. 

After being applied, Frontline does not enter your animals blood stream, but rather concentrates itself in the sebum of its skin ( a thin layer of skin) and is so stocked in its sebaceous glands. Frontline characterises itslef by remaining in your animals skin for many weeks after the initial applicaton, making it water resistant as well as allowing your dog to be bathed and washed.  
Allow 48 hours to pass between the application of the pipette and the animal's exposure to water. Do not bathe or wash the animal more than once a week. Frontline is not affected by bathing or washing the animal.  

Fleas and ticks are killed by contact with the insecticide/ acaricide molecule on your animal's skin. Frontline acts on the parasite's central nervous system which then die by the overstimulation of their central nervous system.  

Frontline Combo includes a second security mesure against parasites. Its contains a insect-growth regulator which impeads your home from being infested by flea eggs. 

How to use

Local external application.

For dogs between 20-40kg, one FRONTLINE® COMBO Spot-On L pipette per animal (2.68 ml).

Hold the pipette straight and snap off the tip along the scored line. Apply the pipette at the base of the neck, between the shoulder blades, directly onto the skin after having parted your dog's fur.

Reapply monthly.

Without instructions to the contrary, do not treat dogs less than 8 weeks old or dogs weighing less than 1kg.

A brief period of hypersalivation caused by the nature of the excipient may be observed. 

In case of a large infestation, it is more appropriate to use FRONTLINE® spray ( 4 applications per kg of live weight for the 250ml and the 500ml spray or 12 applications  per kg of live weight for the 100ml spray)

To keep protecting your dog, reapply spot-on FRONTLINE® COMBO every month.

May be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Avoid direct contact of the product with your fingers. Clean your hands with water and soap after applying the product.


Cutaneous solution: FRONTLINE® COMBO Spot-on Dog: FIPRONIL: 10.00 g

(S)-METHOPRENE: 9.00 g

Butylhydroxyanisole : 0.02 g

Butylated hydroxytoluene: 0.01 g

Excipient qs: 100ml.

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