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When taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet, dietary supplements can help keep blood sugar levels under control. We offer a selection of products for this In our online shop, and you can choose your new everyday ally from our various ranges and brands. (See more...)
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When taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet, dietary supplements can help keep blood sugar levels under control. We offer a selection of products for this In our online shop, and you can choose your new everyday ally from our various ranges and brands.

To help you make your choice, you can compare reviews and get the best advice, offers or special deals on the product sheets for each item. This can help you find a dietary supplement for blood sugar control that meets the needs of your body, budget and lifestyle. When you place your order, you will be redirected to our secure payment platform where you can choose your delivery method and finalise your order safely. Just like products to help manage cholesterol, dietary supplements for blood sugar control will help your everyday needs.


Why take dietary supplements


People who have to regularly monitor their blood sugar generally know their lifestyle and diet and their body’s needs and how it assimilates sugar inside out. People with diabetes or high blood sugar levels know that they need to pay attention to their blood sugar, liver, pancreas and, generally, their whole body. Dietary supplements can help regulate and accompany these reflexes. However, there are different supplements with different formulas to help with different needs. For example, a supplement containing chrome will help with sugar and fat regulation and insulin activity, so your body uses sugar better. A capsule containing a combination of guarana and chamomile with amino acids is ideal if you’re following a diet, as it has an appetite suppressing effect and counteracts your sugar cravings. There are many different kinds of diabetes, which can be related to obesity, pregnancy or a whole host of other causes. For this reason, it is essential to ask a healthcare professional or your pharmacist for advice before popping any pills.

From foods rich in fibres, nutrients or proteins or with a high glycaemic index, people with diabetes absolutely have to stick to a balanced diet. Dietary supplements are simply a little extra support in regulating blood sugar levels if you’re diabetic or overweight. Some formulas are also designed for people with low blood sugar levels. To help you choose the supplement that’s perfect for you and your body’s needs, we offer supplements for all different situations, from those who know their fasting blood sugar levels to those who are worried about how much blood sugar they have. Furthermore, some supplements also stimulate the immune system in people whose defences are weakened, such as those with blood sugar deficiencies. You can take tone and vitality supplements depending on the season.

Which dietary supplements should you take for your blood sugar?


People with diabetes can have very different profiles, from type 1 to type 2 and from diabetes during pregnancy to prediabetes. It’s true – pregnant women can also produce too much insulin or require insulin injections. For other cases, however, it is unfortunately a long-lasting situation which can lead to other metabolic disorders or heart problems. From regularly checking sugar levels or cholesterol levels or trying to regulate blood sugar, it’s not always easy. Our selection of dietary supplements was chosen to help you lower your sugar intake and therefore control or lower your blood sugar.

The dietary supplements people with diabetes take most often are those containing chrome, but there are also supplements with zinc, magnesium, trace elements, amino acids, cinnamon extracts, essential fatty acids, rosemary, dandelion, thistles or vitamins, among others. Some supplements stimulate the liver or gallbladder, some help weight loss or the breakdown of fats and yet more fight glucagon to help keep blood sugar levels in suitable ranges. Glucagon is a hormone produced by the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas and it plays an important role in blood sugar levels. These dietary supplements should be considered a treatment, and the doses prescribed or given on the package leaflet should be complied with in order to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, to control weight or to prevent diabetes from occurring.

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