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Mosi-guard Natural is a long lasting, plant based natural mosquito repellent, midge repellent and general insect repellent. It's a DEET free alternative to synthetic insect repellents and scientifically proven to be as effective. Use Mosi-guard Natural® when walking, cycling, climbing, camping, fishing, golfing or just lying on the beach. 

Mosi-guard Natural was founded in 1994 by Paul Clarke, a Doctor of Tropical Diseases and Ian Hughes-Guy. Paul and Ian ran a network of travel clinics and wanted to offer their customers more choice by providing an effective alternative to DEET repellents.

Paul discovered that the Chinese had used an extract of lemon eucalyptus called 'quwenling' to repel insects for thousands of years. 'Quwenling' is a Chinese word that means ‘effective repeller of mosquitoes

Paul went on to lead research on Quwenling, developing, testing and producing an insect repellent derived from oil of lemon eucalyptus which is now known as Mosi-guard Natural. 

All the Mosi-guard products are ethically and sustainably sourced.

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