Môme Care: Looking after kids and teens

Môme Care: Looking after kids and teens

Môme Care brings 100% French quality to care and well-being products for kids and teens with high standards, and their products are good for both the body and the planet. Môme Care excels at boosting confidence as kids try to navigate their way through their teenage years – it keeps them looking good, smelling good and feeling good. The company offers creams adapted for all ages and skin types and refillable roll-on deodorants for use from 12 years of age, all without allergens or harmful ingredients. But there's more – the deodorants are made using corn starch to stop bad smells, they are certified organic, and their gentle, fresh scent made from natural fragrances respects the skin's delicate microbiome balance. Môme Care – which literally translates to Care for Kids – was created by a French mum searching for good-quality products adapted to the ages of each her kids, especially deodorants, as she was unsatisfied with what she had been able to find before. Her 100% French ethos and kid-oriented mindset led to the creation of safe, effective, environmentally friendly products, stamped with French beauty quality.

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