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THE TIPS OF NATHALIEpharmaceutical assistant

Undergoing a treatment protocol, your skin may suffer some side effects. Using face and body emollient balms and ointments is crucial. Favour perfume and alcohol free formulations.

1 Carefully cleanse your skin morning and evening using no cotton pad. Soothe your skin with thermal spring water.
2 Moisturise your skin twice a day. Thoroughly follow the dermatologist advice in case of special skin treatment.
3 Apply your day care using fingertips, slightly patting, then massage from the T zone to the temples.
4 Store your cares in the refrigerator for a decongestant effect.
5 Apply a mask once to three times a week to prevent dryness and tugging and keep a radiant complexion.

Complete your routine with an eye contour care.

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Mouth hygiene

The mouth hygiene shall not be neglected. Use a soft toothbrush in order not to irritate sensitive gums. Brushing your teeth after each meal is recommended.

- Further to brushing, rinse with a mouthwash to combat plaque. Use an alcohol free formula.
- Clean the space between teeth thanks to brushettes which size shall be adapted once a day, preferably in the evening.
- Go for toothpastes based on sodium bicarbonate or thermal spring water.
- Basically opt for a soft routine as your mouth flora may become more fragile.
After each brushing, using some cold cream on the lips will prevent extreme dryness.

The salivary glands may be affected. Consequently, the production of saliva decreases and the mouth suffer extreme and unpleasant dryness. It may cause cavities, pains and feelings of burning. Using thermal spring water may help. In case of lesions, opt for a VEA spray which heals the mucosa.

Hair and eyelashes regrowth

Once again, a treatment protocol can cause hair loss, scalp irritations and even alopecia. In that latter case, hydrating the scalp is crucial to prevent dryness. Clean your scalp with shampoos with neutral PH.

Let nature takes its course during three months when the treatment is over. Treat your scalp with plant oils such as castor oil to stimulate the regrowth and strengthen new hair. Your doctor may prescribe in addition some dietary supplements. As soon as the regrowth begins, you can start using cares that activate it.

Nails protection

In order to protect your nails against the side effects of the medical rays such as extreme frailty, apply at least 2 layers of nail polish.

1 Apply some handcream
2 Remove your polish with an aceton free solvent
3 Apply a protective base. Otherwise, the colour pigments could penetrate the nails
4 Favour dark shades and apply 2 layers
5 Finish with a top coat. It accelerates the drying time and gives some shine.
6 Oil your cuticles once a day to soften them and strengthen your nails. The cuticles can grow very quickly during the treatment.

Filing the nails of your feet and hands is recommended instead of cutting them. Wear rubber gloves when doing the home cleaning or any do- it- yourself craft.

Hand and foot care

Making an appointment at the podiatrist's is advised. Calluses can be removed and the hand foot mouth syndrome limited.

What is the best care to opt for during the treatment time ?
Certainly hypoallergenic ones, having been specifically developed for sensitive and intolerant skins.
The fewer ingredients, the better.

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Body cares

Your skin may respond painfully to the treatment protocol and its side effects. Thus, a routine for feet and hands is essential. Clean with some soap with neutral PH, alcohol and perfume free. Apply some hand moisturiser after each cleaning. Some hydroalcoholic and anti-bacterial gel can do the job. Do not neglect your feet. Hydrate them twice a day. Opt for large and comfortable shoes and cotton socks. Comfort first! A podiatrist can take care of your nails, file them, treat them. He can give you some advice and some tips. As your skin becomes more sensitive and reactive, your routine must be adapted to this new reality. Oils, cleansing gels and superfatted bars are eco-friendly and skin-friendly. Our experts have selected them for you.

Showering is advised as bathing tends to dehydrate skin. The right temperature is between 32°/34°. Colder or hotter is not recommended as it is dehydrating and irritating. Sponges and face clothes retain bacteria so that using your hands to lather is preferable.

Coming out of the shower, do not towel straight away. Prefer misting your skin with some thermal spring water as its assets neutralise limestone. Then, towel your skin gently. While your skin is still slightly damp, moisturise it and massage until complete penetration.

Sun cares

As your skin becomes more and more irritated and thinner, it also becomes even more sensitive to UV. Either outdoors, indoors behind a window pane or in blue light. Pigment spots may appear due to the treatment photosensitivity. Do not expose at the hottest hours of the day in summer and winter. Wear sunglasses, a hat, and long sleeved clothes (linseed is ideal).

Applying some suncare SFP 50+ every 2 hours is of major importance. This care should be hypoallergenic, perfume free, highly hydrating and resistant to sweat. The smallest piece of skin shall be protected: ears, nape, neck, handpalms, even the scalp.

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Make up

Fluid foundation is no more reserved to women only. Men too can use it to camouflage dark spots and other pigment spots with a stunning result. It can be applied on face and body lesions, redness patches and scars.

The complexion can turn dull, particularly in women. Forget about orange or brown. Opt for pinkish colours which give more radiance and good look. Draw your eyebrows even if they persist as a preventive routine. Last but not least, use a corrective stick: green to cover redness, yellow to cover bluish eye rings and coral to camouflage pigment spots.

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