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THE TIPS OF NATHALIEpharmaceutical assistant

Taking care of your skin is not futile as it is the first organ to react to a treatment. Moisturise a lot your face and body skin thanks to balms and emollient cares.

My daily routine :
1. Cleanse your face morning and evening.
2. Moisturise at least once a day.
3. Don't forget to hydrate the neck and the neckline.
4. Keep your cares in the refrigerator. They will have a decongestant action.
5. Applying a moisturising mask twice a week will soothe tugging and bring comfort and radiance to your complexion .

Tips for Face care

Mouth hygiene is mostly important. The teeth should be cleaned twice or thrice a day and interdental brushettes used at least once a day. The treatments may reduce the production of saliva. Consequently, periodontal troubles may appear more frequently.

A toothbrush with supple bristles and a toothpaste with bicarbonate of soda are recommended.

Tips for Mouth and tooth hygiene

The sialadens can be affected by the treatments. The reduction of saliva causes a very uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling. It can also cause cavities, pains and sores. Thermal spring water can help and relieve particularly if there are sores. Favour a VEA mist spray which heals the mucous membranes.

Moisturise your scalp in prevention of dry caps. Yet it doesn't have an impact on hair growth, it will keep your skin healthy. Let get spoilt and mollycoddled with a lovely relaxing massage of the scalp with an appropriate care or apply a conditioner and leave it for a while with a towel or a turban on your head.

Tips for Hair and eyelash regrowth

We have selected for you nail polishes with silicium which smooth, strengthen and protect your nails. Favour dark shades that prevent the weakening of the nails and protect them against the UV.
During the treatment time, filing your hand and foot nails is better than cutting them. Wearing gloves whenever you do the cleaning or DIY is recommended.

Tips for Nail protection

Making an appointment at the podiatrist's is advised. Calluses can be removed and the hand foot mouth syndrome limited.

Tips for Hand and foot care

What is the best care to opt for during the treatment time ?
Certainly hypoallergenic ones, having been specifically developed for sensitive and intolerant skins.
The fewer ingredients, the better.

Gynecology : Choose the appropriate intimate gel to maintain a healthy vaginal flora and feel lubricated enough. You can apply a fluid onto this area to add even more comfort.

Tips for Body care

Your body skin may get rough, itchy and tugging. Opt for an appropriate cleanser : a gentle hypoallergenic gel, tested under dermatological conditions. Moisturise with a demulcant care morning and evening.

You must use a SPF 50 suncare eveytime you're outdoors.
Preferably with a rich texture yet mattifying. An application every two hours is needed is you practise outdoor activities. Otherwise, one in the morning and one in the afternnon are enough.
Don't forget the ears, the nape, the neck, the handpalms and the scalp if necessary.

Tips for Sun care

Have you heard about photosensitivity ?
It can be increased because of many treatments and consequently sunburning risks are increased even in the event of a short exposure.
This is why using a SFP 50 is an absolute necessity. Same for applying it on a regular basis in order to prevent dark spots.

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