Viruses, epidemics or even pandemics can crop up when we are least expecting it. Even if aware of risky periods for our stomach bugs or flu, we should also keep a well-stocked medicine cabinet  to protect us from any eventuality of circulating viruses. Our online shop brings you a wide range of products adapted for the whole family. Face masks, hand sanitizers or thermometers, the biggest pharmacy brands are there to guarantee the best quality and efficiency. To get the right soap or protective gloves, scroll through the product descriptions, compare reviews and prices. Before finalizing your order on our secure payment platform, make the best of our special deals.  Our product selection is offering you all the essentials for a good hand hygiene, full protection and a clean and disinfected home.

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When an epidemic strikes – like Covid-19 – it’s important to follow all recommended protective measures such as social distancing. But it’s just as vital to have all the products adapted  for the situation! Disinfecting soap to wash your hands, a portable hand sanitizer to use after filling up your car or popping to a shop, reusable or disposable face masks to stay safe all day –  these are the essentials to avoid catching anything nasty. When the flu rears its ugly head, a stomach bug is doing its rounds or the coronavirus breaks out without warning,  make sure you can stop the germs in their tracks. Our products are there to protect your airways and fight against possible transmission risks.




Since the coronavirus hit the world, protective equipment has become a rare and treasured commodity that all the families are stocking up on. The holy trinity we are all looking for is: a stock of face masks, protective gloves and anti-bacterial solutions like gels or wipes. These are all our sanitary safety essentials, preventing the spread of spit or bacteria droplets through our hands. To meet your entire family needs, we are selling products that are simple to use and adapted to all situations. Respecting the protective measures is important to stop the virus.  But it’s just as vital to be properly equipped. It's not enough just to wear a mask. It has to be equipped with a proper filter to be really efficient.


Reusable or disposable face masks, different-sized hand sanitizers and protective gloves are all at your service. Buy a big bottle of hand sanitizer for your home or car. Think about a travel-size carrry-on product for your bag, to use in a cafe or on public transport. A variety of face masks is available, catering for all your needs. Reusable masks are designed for multiple washing, whereas medical or surgical masks are single use and must be disposed of. Please keep in mind that a mask can only be worn for a maximum of 4 hours, whether you’re at work or outside running errands. On top of wearing a mask, do remember about all other protective measures: social distancing (staying 6 feet away), regularly washing your hands, coughing into your elbow (and not your hands), avoiding touching your face and staying home as much as possible.




Face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves may be your best friends when going out. But it is just as essential to protect your home interior from the virus. Regular cleaning and disinfecting eliminates any viruses that end up on tables, furniture or even floor surfaces. Just like hand sanitizers, home disinfectants help you fight against viruses, but also fungus and bad odors. For an efficient home cleaning, please have a thorough inspection of all your furniture, linen and fabrics. Bacteria and viruses can survive on these surfaces up to several hours. It is therefore recommended  to get  changed, wash your hands and hop in the shower as soon as you get home.


These small daily steps will help keep your home safe. Our online shop is offering you a wide range of surface desinfectants, including single-use wipes and multi-use sprays. But do go beyond just cleaning and disinfecting. Purifying the air may also be a great idea. The general advice is to air out all your rooms for at least 10 minutes a day. We would also recommend, however, that you add air fresheners and purifiers to this routine. Renewing and refreshing the air helps create a defensive shield, fighting against the germs such as microscopic fungus and bacteria. These products are particularly useful for those of us who are city dwellers,  keeping pollution out of our homes.


The last but not the least, in the context or a flu or Covid-19 pandemic, keep a track of everybody's health for your family’s well-being. Many of us may get alarmed at such symptoms as feeling hot, having itchy eyes or our heart pounding. Have an efficient and appropriate measuring device at hand for this kind of situations. Thermometers to take a temperature, blood pressure or oxygen level measuring devices  to check your vital signs at any time. Spot the symptoms early on and see a doctor to get a treatment. Or get reassured that, regardless of how you feel, you are actually fine. Thermometers and blood pressure measurers are particularly useful to keep in your home pharmacy just in case!



Washing hands is an essential daily hygiene recommendation. Keeping your hands clean, whether with soap or hand sanitizer, prevents the spread of viruses and reduces infection rates, alongside with wearing protective gloves. Hydrating your hands also preserves their skin beauty. With dirty hands, you might end up getting germs on your phone, handbag, steering wheel or computer keyboard, where they can live for several hours. Proper hand washing takes about 30 seconds, make sure you don't forget any of these areas: rub your palms together, scrub the back of your hands, get in between your fingers, around finger nails and knuckles (bacteria love it best), finish up with your thumbs. Once this is all done, rinse off the soapy water thoroughly before towel-drying or air drying your hands. Proceed in the same way with a hand sanitizer, just no need to rinse. Perform this ritual several times a day to make sure your family, friends and  home are safe from the virus. And don’t forget about hand wipes!



Whenever an epidemic strikes,  stay safe from the virus by keeping your home interior as clean and disinfected as you possibly can.  While you need a face mask for outdoor activities, our online shop offers a range of natural or synthetic household toiletries to disinfect your home. Viruses can hang around in the air for about 3 hours. To make sure that germs stay away, we need to wash our linen regularly, keep the air circulating and wipe down all appliances and electronic devices. Exceptionally  we even need to think about purifying water.  Washing the bedding is recommended at 60ºC on a 30-minute cycle to kill bacteria. But do follow the instructions for specific materials to avoid shrinkage. For your phone, tablet, computer or remote control, use special disinfectant wet wipes that kill germs and microbes without damaging the device. For your home interior, choose from a selection of our cleaning sprays, air fresheners and diffusers. As long as you  keep your rooms well ventilated, your air will stay fresh. This will help reduce any illness-causing bugs or allergens in your living space. The last but not the least, have a range of disinfectant cleaning products handy! 



During various epidemics, we must use essential barrier gestures, like wearing a protective mask. Although it does protect us from sneezing residue and aerial virus transmission, wearing a mask may be quite a problem for your skin, causing such conditions as acné, excess sebum, blemishes, small pimples and oily or shiny feel. Our online store offers you a vast selection of products for your morning and evening purifying routine and an ultimately clear skin. To compare prices, reviews and make the best of our special offers & deals, please consult our dedicated product pages. Whether sensitive skin, make-up removal or mattifying products, find perfect cosmetics for your beauty rituals. Choose a delivery method and proceed with our secure payment platform. Once your order is confirmed, inflammation and acne won't take long to disappear revealing your radiant skin.




The “mascne” phenomenon may occur for any kind of skin type. It is all about enlarged pores and imperfections around the chin, face oval or  cheeks resulting from an excessive sebaceous glands' action. This cutaneous problem could affect acne-prone, sensitive, combination to oily and even dry & red skin. No kind of epidermis is thus immune to it. It is therefore as vital as your hand washing ritual; For a deep face cleansing and your skin well-being, opt for cosmetics suited to your needs. Combination and dry skin, even if both pimples or blemish-prone, need a totally different approach. Gels, lotions, tonics, moisturizers, foundations, cleansers, scrubs or serums are all there to choose from! Find your perfect solution for a hydrated, protected, but also gently purified skin. Oily skin is often used to peeling creams, with a drying effect. This would obviously be too agressive for a sensitive type. So, if you are the one suffering from "mascné", make sure you find an appropriate facial treatment for a perfect and radiant effect.




Hydrating treatment? Exfoliating dead cells? Maybe it's time to consult a dermatologist ? Confronted with wearing surgical or fabric masks, we don't quite know where to start. Don't panic, combination and oily skin are not the only ones suffering from this phenomenon. Anyone can be affected. Special skin products are there to help you. Whether a teenager in a puberty period or a woman dealing with hormonal problems, non-comedogenic, anti-acne healing creams are always a safe bet. Make sure your skincare also has soothing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. No matter if you have combination or normal skin, adopt a proper beauty routine. Start with a makeup remover and / or micellar water, followed by a cleanser, essential for acne treatment.

 Once or twice a week, treat yourself to an exfoliating scrub, followed by a mattifying clay or a zinc concentrate mask. On top of scrubs and masks, use a serum and a moisturizer, an anti-aging or a pore-tightening cream based on your skin type. If needed, go for a zinc-enriched mist, suitable for both wrinkled eye contour or pimpled skin. When desinfecting home, make sure your face and skin get the right dermatological care to prevent red pimples or blackheads resulting from wearing a mask. Consider a special lipstick, cause your lips are also suffering from a continuous protective mask wearing.

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