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An assortment of 18 preservatives which give you different sensations.

Durex Magibox is an assortment of 18 preservatives that give you different sensations and which comes in a practical and fun box dispenser. Put it on your nightstand. No one will ever guess what's inside! 

    - 4 Durex Pleasuremax: ribbed and pearled texture for maximum pleasure for both users.
    - 4 Durex Orgasmic: for a shared orgasm. For her: a pearly texture to intensify her orgasm. For him: an exclusive lubricant to prolong his pleasure.
    - 2 Durex Strawberry: coloured and fragranced to spice up your lovemaking.
    - 4 Durex Performa: with a delay effect for prolonged pleasure.
    - 4 Durex Ultra-thin: and ultra-lubricated for protected pleasure and maximum comfort. 

Median diameter: 56mm.


How to use

1. Place the preservative on the already erect penis during foreplay. Avoid all contact between the penis and the partner's body before placing the condom on to avoid pregnancy and contracting an STD.

2. Make sure that the part of the condom to unfold is facing the outside. If it is facing the inside then it is the wrong way round. Carefully unroll the preservative by first pressing on the end of it (the reservoir) to get rid of any air inside, air inside the condom may make it break.

3. Holding the reservoir between your fingers, place the preservative on the erect penis and use the other hand to unfold it completely over the penis. If while having sex the condom starts to unfold itself, stop immediately and replace it. If the preservative unfolds itself completely, stop and use a new one before continuing.

4. After ejaculating, remove the penis while still erect, holding the condom firmly at its base to make sure there isn't any spillage. Wait until you have completely withdrawn before removing the condom. Make sure that there isn't any contact between the penis or the used condom and your partner's body. Throw the preservative away in a hygienic manner by rolling it up in some paper and placing it into the rubbish. Do not throw down the toilet.

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