Treating nail polish

Extra strong nail hardener long and hard nailswithin 15 days Stimulates nail...
£11.49 £1,091.55/l
nail strengthener Strengthens soft, thin and split nails Long and hard nails...
£10.63 £1,009.85/l
Ecrinal Flexible Base Coat covers the nail with a protective coat which smoothes and...
£6.55 £622.25/l
  Dehydrated, weakened nails and cuticules, or fragilized by false nails.
£6.03 £572.85/l
ECRINAL nail growth care Breakable, duplicated, weakened, gnawed nails. 10ml
£7.12 £676.40/l
Soft, fragile, dull, breakable, duplicated nails.
£6.17 £586.15/l
Isoclip  forms an almost invisible insulating film on your jewelry.
£7.50 £712.50/l
Ecrinal shiny nail polish high resistance strengthener protects your nails instantly...
£6.36 £604.20/l
£5.37 £510.15/l
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